Very good points, each one of them. And even expose the more than "inner" leader conflicts, perhaps even serious contradictions the AfD has, specially between the role it had to expose the CovidScam these years, and what they want in the long term. Perhaps we were confussed about them, or they profited from this confussion and needs from so many of a political dissident voice to expose the blatant attack on our health, freedom, rights, constitution and minds, from a regime clearly aligned with ancient and recalcitrant groups of power, andcorporatist and lobbyst, in an unprecedented synchronized action of destruction and power grab.

Massive Civil Disobedience is a legitimate tool when the divergence between representatives (blind and with clear important cognitive disonances, ... or bad intentions) and popular people, plain folks, are not more "represented" for them and are attacked by their politics. Then Civil Disobedience is a rightful and strong tool to make "them" know that they have no more our support because their onesided decisions and rules.

This "question", this legitime proposal by Dr. Yeadon, seen thess years how the blind insistence of the regime to not listen, not asking, not informed/informing, propagandizing and repressing with hard hand (and weak arguments) the dissidence... it shows one more time the reluctancy to care and protect "really" the people, and the determination by the representatives to play their autocratic game... and the AfD is part of this game.

Another important point here, I think, it is from which perspective we perceive reality and we read and interpret the history. And my guts tell me that this is a very old game, and we need to revisit and review every aspect of our "cultural notions", because the educational system in every level, is intentionally twisted to a one particular view of nature and reality, with nuances.... but systematically refused to considere another knowledge "as knowledge" itself. this is a personal task, and duty, if we want to live a meaningfull life in peace and freedom, a real ones.

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